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What Type of Girl Are You? Simple Personality Test

LifestyleWhat Type of Girl Are You? Simple Personality Test
What Type of Girl Are You? Independent, Adventurous, Ambitious, Influencer, Dreamer, Lover, World Changer, Fashionista? Answer a few questions to find out your true personality!

What Kind of Girl Are You is another viral personality test that is helping the women community to find out their true personality, nature, and job preferences by simply answering a few questions based on their clothing, work preferences, makeup choices, etc. Are you curious too about what type of girl are you? What should you do? What is your true calling? Well, in a world, where girls are constantly told to be something that fits the bill of society, be people pleasing, and behave in certain manners all the time, it is so easy to lose yourself in the crowd. What Type of Girl Are You personality test is 100% accurate and powerful to rediscover yourself.

Personality Tests are a super tool to learn about yourself, your likes or dislikes, preferences, how you think, gauge your emotional intelligence, and also your IQ levels. These tests are designed scientifically to pry deep into your psychological makeup, and emotional and rational thought processes, and ascertain those deep, hidden personality traits that we often suppress over the years since our birth. Owning yourself and being your true you is vital to becoming a success. Most often we forget what our passion is, what we should be doing rather than what we are doing. Add to that, finding your true tribe and people who will stick by you during not only your good times but also bad times is also an added bonus. But, when we are not true to ourselves and lose sight of our uniqueness, we often end up feeling more drained and lost. Hence, we bring these personality tests to help find the true you so that you can live the highest version of yourself in your work, friendships, relationships, family, and overall journey of life.

Let us begin with one of the most viral and best personality tests!

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q1. Do you love designer things or are simply okay with wearing inexpensive things?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q2. What is your ideal hangout style?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q3. What is your outfit idea?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q4. What would you love for your birthday gift?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q5. Which cause would you support the most?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q6. How do you handle conflicts or bad times?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q7. What is your biggest fear?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q8. What superpower would you love to have?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q9. Which flower would you love to get the most?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

Q10. What is your favorite color?

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test Result: Scorecard

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

You are kind, loving, emotional, sentimental, and caring. You tend to live in a rose-colored world where everything is love and unicorns. Nothing is ever wrong with your picturesque and perfect imagery. Even if you are aware of your reality, you chose to live in a world of fantasies. A love quote by Rupi Kaur from her book Milk and Honey that says “I am hopelessly a lover and a dreamer and that will be the end of me” fits your personality perfectly. You thrive better when in coupled with friends, family, or a partner. You cannot stand solitude. You wish to have a romantic happy ending in life. You place the utmost importance on companionship. Even if you are a working woman, you would happily trade in places with a happy wife who is spoiled with love and comfort. You love and care deeply and passionately for the people who are dear to you. You may look like someone who is delusional but ‘idealistic’ is the best way to describe your personality. You may feel isolated and alone too at times. You find it hard to find your tribe in this world of practicality and cut-throat competition. Most of the time, you are treated as a misfit or someone who is irrational.

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

You are among the ambitious people who go on to attain higher levels of financial independence, and education, and live prestigious careers. You are goal-oriented, courageous, driven, and committed to achieving your goals. You will sacrifice little things of pleasure in order to move closer to making your dreams a reality. You would rather skip parties and utilize your weekends to explore, experiment, and discover new things that help you build your career or legacy. You may be highly energetic and erupting with ideas however you also manage to keep calm in times of crisis. You are someone who is ideal for leadership positions as you know how to get things done. Your biggest fear is usually being financially dependent on anybody. You keep track of your competitions, but you look at yourself as your biggest competitor. You aim to be a better woman than you were. You can be assertive about what you want. You are confident, analytical, and a high achiever.

It takes a lot to be a Fashionista or an Influencer. One may think that it is an easy cup of tea. However, one needs to have some super qualities to be unique and be looked upto as an icon. As a fashionista or influencer, you have a personality that is agreeable, pleasant, and sociable. You care about the community you have formed. You know the art of engaging with people who you have not even met. It takes courage and out-of-box thinking to engage a such large number of audiences. You are also bold and not scared to speak up your mind. We all know how easy it can be to fall into a loop of agreeing with what our critics are saying. However, you tend to stand out by aligning with your values and goals. You only create what you believe in. Your keen sense of understanding helps you create relatable stuff. You are creative. You are a learner and open to new learnings. You are aware that consistency is the key to success, be it in work, relationships, or anything.

What Type of Girl Are You Personality Test

You are among the artists who live life as a canvas for their self-expression. You dance to your own tune, be it as simple as what you wear. You are curious and eager to try new things, meet new people, and pursue fascinating interests and passions. Your high-spirited nature helps you in finding joy in everyday tasks. You are among the most interesting personalities that one will ever meet. There is seldom a dull moment with you. Most of the time, you are unaware of your uniqueness, you are just busy doing your own thing. You keep a flexible, adaptable approach to life. You are also quite tolerant and open-minded. You believe that the world is full of possibilities and opportunities. You live with a ‘go-with-the-flow’ approach. You are warm, friendly, and caring. You place the utmost importance on helping the world change for the better and rediscovering yourself so that one stays true to themselves. You value individuality and love people who are not scared to own their individuality, be it good or bad. You tend to live in the present moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

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