October 26, 2018

Google sacks 48 employees for sexual misconduct

Taking into account the ongoing #metoo movement, the news of firing personnels from different industries and organizations have attracted a huge number of media captures in the last few days.

After the impactful outcomes of the #metoo movement in India, this movement seems to have influenced the American tech giant Google as well.

The Ceo of the tech giant Sundar Pichai on Thursday chucked their 48 employees out of the organization for sexual harassment over last two years.

According to an email by Pichai he sacked total 48 employees for sexual misconduct, out which 13 were senior managers.

The email also mentioned that all the Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents of Google must share their relationship status with their co-workers regardless of reporting time or any matter of coflict in the coming days.

After this crucial decision by the tech giant, Indian organizations are also expected to ponder over a few solid actions in terms of providing safety and security towards the women employees inside or outside their organizations.

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