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হাত দাঙিলে কমলপুৰ ৰাজহ চক্ৰৰ লাট মণ্ডল...

এইবাৰ পলাশবাৰীৰ চৰত প্ৰশাসনৰ উচ্ছেদ!

এইবাৰ পলাশবাৰীৰ চৰত প্ৰশাসনৰ উচ্ছেদ। নাৱত উঠি...

“দুঘণ্টাৰ যৌন সম্পৰ্কই সফলতা আনে!”- এই চাঞ্চল্যকৰ দাবী এগৰাকী খেলুৱৈৰ

বিভিন্ন খেলুৱৈয়ে প্ৰদৰ্শন বৃদ্ধিৰ বাবে বিভিন্ন পন্থা...

Sixth National Conference of Movers Federation of India Held at Guwahati

English NewsSixth National Conference of Movers Federation of India Held at Guwahati

Guwahati, February, 12 2023: 

The Movers Federation of India organised its 6th annual National Conference at Guwahati.

The Movers Federation of India (MFI), represents owner managed companies from across India. As India’s largest autonomous body of Managed & very-Owned Relocation Service Providers, Movers Federation of India, MFI Board of members are dedicated to protect the interests of moving companies by maintaining industry standards, helping the customers, fostering innovation and regional & national government authorities.
On the occasion Hon’ble Minister of Transport Shri Parimal Suklabaidya said, ” I am really thankful to Movers Federation of India for holding the 6th of their conference at the gateway of northeast Guwahati. I am sure the moving and packing industry will bridge the gap and provide a the best customer experience”

MFI has been creating the growth and success by offering various program, resources, customer protection and unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance their business and their brands.

Mr.Ajeet Sharma, Founder Chairperson, MFI while addressing the gathering said that ” Movers Federation of India was formed with an aim of benefiting the end user. We have witnessed a lot of fraud activities where in the persons who took the booking vanished overnight. The numbers and the details of the truck were not traceable. After listening to numerous of stories of these sorts, we really wanted to give the end user a positive experience. Hence we came up with an idea of setting up a Federation that will benefit the Relocation Industry at large”. 

MFI has initiated its Physical training & skilling centers at Bangalore, Lucknow & Pune to train the associate members so that they will hone their skills and deliver best services. The Packers and movers’ industry has reported a decent amount of growth. The net worth of the industry is close to 20,000 crores, said by Mr. Alok Bhargava, Co-Founder and President.

I have seen various scenarios where there was a serious misconduct by people who posed as experienced packers and extracted money from the customers. There was an instance that I remember, a customer’s shipment was not delivered even after a week’s time. When he reached the office, he found empty chairs and tables. We wanted to enhance the customer experience and improve the existing system. We formulate this Federation Frive years ago and We made considerable amount of progress” Alok added.
Anoop Mishra, Secretary & Spokesperson, while speaking with media mentioned, “The main agenda of setting up an Federation is to safeguard the interests of the consumers who put their hard earned money in the hands of Packers and movers.” 

While addressing the media, shared experiences that he has witnessed over two decades and quoted “I have seen people operating ten different companies from one single room. Only one person with different names posts multiple quotations there by misleading the customer and getting the order for shifting.”

As India’s largest autonomous body of Managed & very-Owned Relocation Service Providers, Movers Federation of India’s core objective is to build a forum in which mutual concerns can be dis cussed which will benefit one and all. The co-founders of the forum are Mr. Jatin Gulati and Mr. Ramesh Jangra (जांगड़ा) also explained about the further extensions of MFI’s road map and how it will befits the local Moving communities.

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