February 15, 2021

Guwahati: Half Marathon on the occasion of Valentines Day

GUWAHATI: Valentine’s Day was celebrated in a unique way in Guwahati today. A Half Marathon called the Garmin 21K Solemate Run was organized where runners had to compete in pairs. The pair could be spouses, siblings, parents, friends or anyone who one can run along with and the team had to cross the finish line together as well.

This was the first edition of Garmin Solemate Run. It was a 21 kms run held at the picturesque Panbari area near Chandrapur on the outskirts of the city. The running course consisted of some hilly sections with decent elevation and some plain sections as well. The run was well received by the running enthusiasts from around Guwahati. The participants said they were happy with all the arrangements made for the event as well as the location.

Mr. Simanta Baruah and Mr. Bitumani Baruah achieved the first position while the duo of Mr. Dhiraj Pegu and Mr. Bikash Haloi were able to get the second position. The third position was achieved by the husband-wife duo of Mr. Rajendra Bisht and Mrs. Sunita Bisht.

The run was powered by Garmin and was managed by Spokehub. Garmin recently opened their first exclusive store in Guwahati Opposite Doordarshan Colony, Borbari, VIP Road.

Also, the event was also suppoted by Redbull.

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